Water Features

A custom-designed Hill Water Feature is the savvy way to create a
soothing sanctuary with minimal maintenance needs.

Is your ideal paradise at home near the water? Do tranquil sounds of a waterfall or babbling brook create a sense of peace and relaxation? Immersing yourself in that environment is more attainable than you think. A Hill Water Feature/Garden is the savvy solution to creating soothing sound and comforting ambience to your backyard.

Hill Landscaping creates custom water features/gardens with minimal maintenance needs. We also provide complete services, including the highest-quality materials, lush landscaping, water garden plants, fish and lighting. If you’re ready to settle into your backyard sanctuary near the water, contact us today!

Water Features Case Study

Our goal – acquire customers interested in holistic health improvement for longer, happier life; living in a healthier environment, sharing that with family, friends

The Problem:
  • He and his wife wanted a private back yard oasis.
  • Mountainside property was very rock-filled, with thinning grass due to rock soil, poor absorbable mineral presence, old plantings.
  • Modified farmhouse with contemporary addition, required unique landscaping to enhance home
  • The land was graded and pitched toward the house, allowing all the water to flow directly to the foundation.
The Solution:
The Result:

Richard’s doctor was amazed at his blood pressure reduction. Asking Richard what changes he had made in his life, his only change was that he enjoyed his private oasis every day. After 6 months, his doctor reduced his blood pressure medicine, then eliminated it totally!

We are not sure this result can be achieved by everyone, but it certainly helps to enjoy your own outdoors

The Backstory

Richard was a top executive in his late 50’s, suffering from high blood pressure and long work hours. He and his wife had a gorgeous farmhouse in Readington, NJ. Being recent empty-nesters, they were making changes to their home to suit their new lifestyle.

They wanted a private oasis in their back yard, and a more contemporary style for their home. But the land grading from their new, more modern addition allowed the water to flow directly toward their foundation.

Our challenge was to come up with a solution to the water problem, eliminate the old plantings that no longer served to enhance the home, and create a private paradise that could extend their outdoor season.

Our solution was multi-faceted. In order to put in a patio and prevent water from heading directly into the house, we needed to regrade the property and install retaining walls as part of the design. Then we installed the sidewalk and multi-level patio with a mosaic of pavers in natural tones to add subtle interest. Next came the focal point of this landscape – the meandering stream, cascading over a softly falling waterfall into a koi pond.

Trees and shrubs added four seasons of color surrounding the pond and waterfall, creating a secluded paradise, where they could enjoy their hot tub and re-energize. We also added a firepit to extend the outdoor season and enhance that special spark the couple were looking to keep smouldering. This created their ultimate private back yard getaway that Richard and his wife always wanted. Back yard parties, quiet moments together, family gatherings all made memorable.

“My doctor asked me what I had done to lower my blood pressure so much. I told him the only change I made was my koi pond and waterfall. He was amazed! My blood pressure medicine was cut in half just because I enjoy my pond everyday. Such a beautiful place we have now. I love the sound of the water falling into the pond, and can’t wait to come home just to sit out there and listen. Abby and I can’t thank you enough.”