Family and friends gather at an artfully-designed Hill Hardscape.
Transform your backyard into the catalyst for fun and togetherness.

Gentle curves complement your landscaping. Terraced garden beds fill your patio. And easy-care paving stones create inviting space for all to enjoy. Our interlocking concrete pavers are available in a wide variety of styles and colors that offer you an exquisite palette of finishes. When Hill Landscaping installs your walkway, multi-level patio or driveway, you’re getting more than just a beautifully-crafted and long-lasting hardscape. You’re creating the perfect place to be together.

Your new backyard attraction starts with a consultation and digital design customized for you and your property. Hill Landscaping only uses the finest materials and state-of-the-art techniques to ensure the beauty and long life of your hardscape.

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Hardscaping Case Study

Our goal – get people to use their outdoors for parties, gatherings, family time, romantic moments, meditation…

The Problem:

  • Outdoor space not useable for parties, family time, play time, and romantic hot-tub moments.
  • Their large deck needed repairs and lots of maintenance – power washing, re-staining, protecting or painting, every couple of years.
  • Steps down to access the rest of the yard were becoming rickety and railing was not stable.

  • Yard gently sloped away from the house, making it difficult for the homeowners to create any gardens or useable spaces for playing, sitting, or walking.
  • There was a large tree stump near the deck, in the way of any further development of the back yard.

The Solution:

  • Eliminate the deck, create a multi-level patio with a few steps to connect the upper patio with the lower one.
  • Include a fire-pit in the lower area, with a knee-wall for sitting, to entice people out further into the back yard.
  • Lighting in the knee wall, steps and gardens surrounding the patio created a beautiful ambience and measure of safety to the area.

  • Create garden beds to soften and enhance the surrounding area.
  • The hot tub could be safely placed on the top patio, closer to the door tucked into a secluded area.

The Result:

The family now enjoys movie nights outside, with marshmallows around the fire pit, as well as barbeques and parties. Their whole back yard is much easier to access. They get to spend more time doing fun, healthy activities outdoors as a family.

The pavers will stay beautiful for years, and don’t require the maintenance, inspections and extra tax burden that decks require.

The Backstory

Don and Heidi are a couple in their late 30’s, with two boys, a dog, a cat – and a back yard they couldn’t use. Their sprawling back yard had a gorgeous view of Hunterdon County, but a number of challenges kept them from being outside as much as they liked. The yard gently sloped away from the house, making it difficult for them to create any gardens, pathways or useable spaces. Their large deck, which needed repairs and lots of regular maintenance was becoming a burden. Between power washing, re-staining and protecting it, their weekends were full of deck chores. The steps down to access the rest of the back yard were also high- maintenance, not stable anymore from use and weather decay. They had taken down a large, dead tree near the deck and steps, but the stump was in a prime spot for any further development of the back yard.

They came to us to solve their dilemma.

“My kids are outside now! They sit around the fire pit with their friends. We have an outdoor screen for movies… I know where my kids are at all times, and who they are hanging out with. Much less video games, more fresh air. We love being able to talk with and spend time our kids now”

-Don F.