Eye-popping seasonal colors and easy-to-care-for design.
The Jones’ will be keeping up with you when you set your house apart with a beautiful Hill Landscape.

Why is curb appeal so important only at buying and selling time? Creating that warm, inviting, and elegant feeling drives value. We desire those features when house-hunting, but often lose why they’re so important to us. An artfully-designed and crafted landscape from Hill Landscaping transforms your house into the paradise that you love to come home to every day.

We custom-design your landscape using computer imaging to incorporate seasonal colors, local plants and materials (so we know they will perform to our standards!) and align them with your tastes and needs. Best of all, you can relax knowing that your Hill Landscape was designed with ease-of-care in mind. So sit back and relax – picture what your paradise at home could look like with a custom-designed landscape from Hill Landscaping.

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Landscaping Case Study

The Problem:
  • The Munster’s house. Disheveled and overgrown

The Solution:

  • Remove old bushes and trees disturbing the foundation.
  • Install softly curving front walk using pavers in a natural tone.
  • Create a new foundation beds, with good-sized plantings placed for proper room to grow and continue to enhance the home.

  • Create other garden beds in front yard, for curb appeal. Adds points of interest to front yard, while keeping the drive entry clear of visual obstructions.
  • Add lighting to create artistic focal points and safety features.
  • Redesign the backyard space for easy use by the couple.

  • An outdoor grilling area set into the back patio, where they can enjoy sunbathing, reading, coffee together in the mornings and drinks after a long day of work.
  • Surround the patio with garden beds, using plantings that are low maintenance, to bring Nature and privacy into their own back yard paradise.
  • Make sure the design used plenty of space so dinner with friends, family gatherings and parties feel relaxed in a setting much more “grown up” than before.

The Result:

They are enjoying their home more than they have in years. Outside as much as possible, they grill dinners, see their friends, and feel a sense of cozy privacy that their previous landscape did not give them.

The Backstory

David and Catherine have been in their home for 18 years. After seeing all three kids through college, they realized that their focus, which has been on the kids, now needs to shift to their needs. The landscape that was so cute years ago had become an overgrown, maintenance nightmare. The bushes are way too tall, crowding out the light from the windows. The tree branches encroached on the roof and into the walkways. Roots invaded the foundation. David and Catherine hadn’t given the backyard a thought in years. There was no privacy, and the temporary stepping stones used for the walkway had become a permanent fixture.

Hill Landscaping set out to create a multi-phase design for them. First, the foundation design needed to be refreshed so we started with a full computer-image landscape design. We removed the old, overgrown plantings and then laid the walkway using pavers in a softly-curving path that allowed room for garden beds. We chose bushes and trees that were easy-care, didn’t create a mess, and allowed for growth without crowding the foundation or windows. Landscape lighting brought out artistic focal points with the side benefit of an added a safety feature.

Secondly, in the back yard, we re-designed the entire space to be useable by the couple. They had an outdoor grilling area set into the back patio. We surrounded the patio with garden beds using low-maintenance plantings and strategically placed landscape lighting. This created privacy and brought more of Nature into their own back yard paradise. Sunbathing, reading, coffee together in the mornings and drinks after a long day of work could now be part of their lifestyle. When they chose, they could have a cozy dinner with friends, family gatherings, and parties, all in a relaxed, well-designed setting.

“I almost drove right by my house because it looked so good! I didn’t recognize it at first. I can’t wait to have my Holiday Open House party! The little details make such a difference – from the mature size of the plants to the impeccable quality of the workmanship, your company did a perfect job.”

-Nancy C.