Lighting allows you to see your beautiful property and landscape
at night, while providing added security and safety.

Is your landscape worth seeing? Is it worth protecting? Professionally-designed and implemented lighting from Hill Landscaping allows you to see your home after the sun goes down. Properly placed and installed lighting adds depth, highlights focal points and balances different landscape features. While adding aesthetic properties to your home, lighting also adds elements of security and safety.

Hill Landscaping will complete your home’s look by expertly placing and installing quality lighting materials. We select the proper lighting based on your unique landscape, walkways and facade. You deserve to enjoy your property even after the sun goes down. Sleep well knowing you’ve trusted Hill Landscaping to add comfort and design to your home with professional lighting. Now is the perfect time to contact us to discuss your landscape lighting needs.

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Lighting Case Study

Our Goal: Beautify home at night, extending the ability to view landscape, and create a safer home.

The Problem:

  • Long hours
  • Home poorly lit when they got home
  • Bright light at garage doors not appealing
  • “Runway-style” lights that don’t look very nice and don’t really light the way

  • Bushes by door leave the front entrance feeling shadowy, even with the porch light on.
  • Back entrance has only one bright light that increases shadowing, while disturbing the neighbors if left on.

The Solution:

  • Remove “runway-style” lights from walkway
  • Replace with uplighting in the beds, highlighting accent trees and removing large shadow areas where people can hide
  • Install carefully placed walkway lighting that enhances the warmth of the lit trees and bushes, and gives extra view of the walkway.
  • Remove bright light at back entrance

  • Install soft lighting in beds
  • Install carefully placed walk lighting
  • Create a back yard that they can enjoy with friends and family without disturbing neighbors’ evenings.

The Result:

Lee and Mary have a properly and artistically illuminated home, whose beauty is matched by the safety features that landscape lighting can bring. They love having friends over, grilling and relaxing in their back yard. The neighbors love it, too – they come over, have a nice evening with their friends, and can go home to sleep without glaring lights beaming into their windows.

The Backstory

Lee and Mary are a couple whose careers leave them few precious leisure hours. Every morning they are gone before the sun comes up, and most evenings they find themselves coming home in darkness. They put in solar-powered lighting to illuminate their walkway, but the resulting “runway-style” lighting did not help them see their way in the dark. The porch light threw shadows into the bushes, making it feel rather unsafe.

Their back yard was starkly lit by a single bright flood light, which disturbed the neighbors if they left it on, and there was no lighting at all for the walkway to the back door. They wanted to enjoy their back yard on weekends more as well.

We replaced the old lighting with soft “up-lights” strategically placed to highlight features of the landscape. This provided added safety, as the lighting removed shadows while illuminating the homes best assets. We carefully placed foot lighting along the walkway so that it enhanced the warmth of the home and helped to see the path without glare.

Next, we created the back yard that Lee and Mary dreamed about for years. The patio, hot tub and outdoor grill area are each softly lit by a mix of lighting that creates a warm ambience. They can now enjoy parties and evenings outside in comfort most of the year, extending their options for those precious moments they are home

“There’s nothing as exciting as when I round the bend in the evening and I can see my lovely landscaped home.”

-Lee and Mary